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I really, and truly hate writing this place a bad review. I *wanted* to like them. They are very friendly, and welcoming, and make great conversation. They just don't stand behind their work, or understand the basic principles of customer service.

Here are the nuts and bolts:

My highlight/low light hair color went from matching my natural blonde tones, to being monotone pink/strawberry blonde when all was said and done.

My simple "bob" hairstyle took two hours, because the owner had more important phone calls to take, and other things to tend to, than actually cutting my hair. He also passed off my foil color portion to another stylist for "practice". He also never actually *finished* my haircut, as he couldn't get the left side to match the right, so he passed that off to the person who had practiced the foil technique earlier.

I expressed my concern about the "pink" tones of the color, while at the shop, but assumed it was the redness of my scalp showing through. I was wrong. The following morning (a Sunday), I woke up to pink hair. I emailed the salon, and explained what was going on. I asked if there was anything I could do at home (a color remover, etc...???) or would they be able/willing to do something to help fix it. By Tuesday, when I hadn't heard anything, I emailed again, and asked if a response was coming. That evening, I received the reply that "after consulting with numerous professionals, with decades of experience, he could not offer me any solution".

He added that he is "sorry you are no longer satisfied with the service you received at my salon", and hopes I will find a stylist to suit my needs.

Wow. Just wow. So my hair is pink, because of his salon's poor service, and he washes his hands of any and all responsibility. Better luck next time.

The bottom line is...if you are looking for some fun conversation and music, head over to Shear Fusion in Alachua. If you are looking for beauty services, by professionals, who treat you like you matter...go somewhere else.

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